Carbon Poker Freerolls: Your Trip to Super Bowl XLIX


carbon poker freerolls

Super Bowl tickets are tough to get. That is, of course, unless you win a pair. We have a great way for poker players to win a trip to the Super Bowl in Arizona this coming February – playing in Carbon Poker freerolls and accurately predicting the winner of the Monday Night Football game.

Carbon Poker is running weekly Super Bowl freerolls. The top 3 players each week of the NFL season are entered into a final freeroll on December 28th, with the winner receiving a pair of Super Bowl tickets and $1,500 in cash. To qualify for the weekly freeroll all you have to do is accurately predict the winner of the Monday Night Football game.

There are 17 NFL seasons so you will have plenty of chances to qualify for the final freeroll. Everyone that finishes in the Top 25 each week receives a $10 free bet. Even if you finish in the top 3 early in the season, it is best to continue entering the weekly freeroll. Players receive an additional 1,500 chips for the final freeroll for each additional weekly freeroll they finish in the top 3. It pays to keep playing with Carbon Poker freerolls.

Carbon Poker Freerolls – NFL Football and Poker

NFL football and poker. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Football is the #1 sport in America and its popularity has increased internationally over the past decade. Poker, as you know, has always been a popular game worldwide. These Carbon Poker freerolls are exciting for the poker crowd that enjoys both games.

The NFL is a heavily wagered on sport, which is a big part of the reason poker players love football. If you’ve ever visited a poker room in Las Vegas during football season, you know just how much poker players also love football. The games are a great match.

The Super Bowl is the World’s Most Popular Sporting Event…and Toughest Ticket

No sporting event in the world attracts more viewers or brings in more gambling revenue than the Super Bowl. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that Super Bowl tickets are expensive and hard to come by. In fact, scalpers often get $2,500+ for just one ticket.

This year’s super bowl takes place in Glendale, Arizona – the home of the Arizona Cardinals. Glendale is a city just north of beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. The Phoenix valley is an excellent vacation destination. On top of attending the big game, winners will have many other activities to partake. Phoenix is known for its beautiful scenic mountain hiking, gorgeous golf courses and warm winter weather. A trip to the Super Bowl is possible simply by dominating the Carbon Poker freerolls. Good luck!

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