Gus Hansen vs Isildur1 Showdown at Full Tilt Poker on September 14th


Gus Hansen vs Isildur1Gus Hansen will battle legendary high stakes online player Victor “Isildur1” Blom at Full Tilt Poker in a best-of-three heads-up series on September 14, 2014.

While the heads-up battle between Gus and Isildur is sure to be worth the watch, us ordinary poker players – or even beginners – can play a role in this showdown. All you have to do is join FTP, deposit at least $20, earn 50 FTP points (takes very little time) by September 7th and then pick your side in Gus Hansen vs Isildur1.

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Full Tilt Poker will have $10,000 freeroll tournaments for qualifying players – one for each side. It’s important to choose your side wisely. Instead of picking your favorite pro. Pick the pro you think will win. Should your pro come out victorious, you will be entered into a $30,000 flip freeroll on September 15th. Here is some more detailed information about this epic high stakes poker heads-up challenge.

Gus Hansen vs Victor Blom

Gus Hansen vs Isildur1: The Facts

Gus Hansen

They call Gus Hansen “The Great Dane” because he hails from Denmark. Hansen became a popular poker pro back in mid-2000’s because of his loose style of play. Hansen isn’t afraid to enter a pot, in any position, with any 2 cards. Gus is one of those players that are fun to play with on some days, and extremely frustrating to face on days when he is catching cards.

Many poker players are critical of Hansen’s style of play. If you watch Hansen play on FTP you’ll notice some harsh chatter going on by the rail. Hansen has been known to blow through hundreds of thousands of dollars frequently by playing loose. However, many fail to mention his many big wins. Gus knows what he’s doing. He’s not the donkey many think.

Isildur1 (Victor Blom)

Victor “Isildur1” Blom became an Internet poker legend a few years ago by coming out of nowhere to dominate high stakes poker games on FTP. Blom is more of a methodical poker player than Hansen, but he is very aggressive. Blom is more known around the Internet poker circuit than for his appearances on high stakes poker television shows, but

What The Heads-Up Challenge Means to Both Players

Gus Hansen and Isildur will first play one game of Stud 8, 2-7 triple draw and the final game will be decided by an FTP player’s vote. The winner receives $50,000. The loser must record a video singing his opponent’s national anthem and then play 1,000 hands of micro stakes Razz on FTP.

This challenge is about more than just money to these players. It’s about pride and, for Gus Hansen, proving to the critical media and poker world that he can beat the best. Isildur, on the other hand, wants to prove he still owns Gus. For the rest of us, there is money at stake. Join Full Tilt Poker and play your part in this high stakes poker action, and win some money.

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