Not finding the Right Poker Site? Then read Detailed Reviews of Top Poker Rooms


The obvious goal when looking for an online poker room is to find the best one for you individually. Most players understand this, which is why they spend time researching different poker sites, but these same people run into a common problem: reading practically worthless poker reviews that are merely designed to push them towards signing up and depositing. And the dilemma with not reading detailed reviews of top poker rooms is that you don’t really get any substance.

This being said, it’s highly important to read more extensive pieces that go in depth when discussing the sites. Sure, you don’t have to read a 3,000-word essay on a poker room just to thoroughly know its pros and cons. However, you at least need a review to spend some quality time on the following points.


It doesn’t matter how many bonuses and great rewards a poker site throws at you if they have a shady reputation. So any time that you’re thinking of a certain room, you definitely want to find out what the general consensus is on their image. Thankfully, the vast majority of poker sites are very professional and work to ensure that their players get the best possible service. But there are also some rotten apples out there that are slow to process withdrawal requests. A few sites/networks have even gone offline and taken players’ money with them – hence the extreme importance of this concept.

Bonuses and Promotions

Okay, so we just got done saying that you shouldn’t solely concentrate on the bonuses that online poker sites offer. But once a room clears the reputability hurdle, you should check out what kind of bonus offers and promotions they have. After all, not all sites are created equal in this regard and earning free money is very important for those who care about building their bankroll. The key is to compare signup bonuses and VIP programs between different sites. As for signup bonuses, go beyond just looking at the size and check out the requirements needed to earn the reward.

Fish Rating (Player Competition)

Every poker room has fish, so this concept can get a little overrated. However, some sites have a few more bad players than others, which helps your overall chances of making money. If certain online poker room reviews don’t specifically address this topic, one general way to gauge the number of fish is by looking at how many big tournaments there are. Assuming you see $200k events and bigger on Sunday, then the site probably attracts a fair number of strong players. But if the biggest weekly event that a room features is worth $25k, then you’re probably dealing with a fish-heavy site.


One other highly important aspect that detailed reviews of top poker rooms should cover is the software. These days, most sites offer very competitive software packages that have nice graphics and helpful features. However, it’s also important that they offer a mobile product for those with smartphones and tablets. Moreover, if you’re a recreational player, you’ll appreciate a less-cluttered lobby so that you don’t waste time finding games.

Assuming a poker review covers the topics that we’ve just discussed, you’ll be a lot closer to finding a good site for yourself.

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Detailed Reviews of Top Poker Rooms

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