Gear Up for the March Gladiator Race at Titan Poker


room-titan-pokerThe Grand Battle continues at Titan online poker room, and you still have a whole month to participate in it. Titan Poker, which is known for hosting some of the most exciting online poker events, started a special promotion called the Grand Battle in January, 2013. Members of the site who opted in for the promotional offer had the opportunity to participate in two monthly Gladiator races during January and February. The last monthly leaderboard race, the March Gladiator Race, begins on March 4 and ends on March 31, 2013. To be a part of it, join Titan Poker today and opt-in for the promo.

The March Gladiator Race

The three monthly Gladiator Races, which are a part of the Grand Battle, offer a total of $15,000 to the top players on the leaderboard. So far, $10k has been offered in prizes for the first two Gladiator races. $5,000 more is yet to be won, so to win a share of it be sure to register for the promo before the end of the month. Participating in the weekly or the monthly leaderboard races is very easy – you simply need to play at your favorite tables and earn points as you play.

Along with this monthly race, there are 4 more weekly races that members who opted in for the promotion can participate in.

Great Jackpots with Weekly Points Race

The Grand Battle features a total of 13 weekly races that have a prize pool of $52,000. Each week, the top players of the weekly race get to participate in the Progressive Jackpot Tournament of the Grand Battle. The next 4 weekly races you can partake in are from March 4 to 10, March 11 to 17, March 18 to 24 and March 25 to 31. To join in these leaderboard challenges, opt in to the weekly challenge when it starts and keep playing your favorite poker games at Titan Poker tables to reach the top slots.

If you wind up among the top 6 places at the end of the weekly challenge, you will get to play in the Grand Battle Progressive Jackpot event that guarantees $500 for the winner. If you manage to win two such weekly jackpot events in succession, you get an additional $500 in cash. To participate in this special event, earn sufficient points to reach the top 6 and click on the ‘special offers’ tab in the tournament lobby of the poker site.

Become the Grand Master

Titan Poker is offering bigger prizes to those who manage to earn a sufficient number of points to gain a place in the top 100 of the weekly races. Those who rank in the top 100 on the  leaderboard will earn MLPs, or Master Leaderboard Points, which can be used to win a share of $57,000. The lion’s share of this prize pool will be $10,000, which will be offered to the top performer on the Master Leaderboard.

Don’t worry if you have missed out on the past weekly races for this promotion. You still have 4 more weekly races to go and a chance to play and win as many MLPs as you can. If you manage to come in the top 10 over the next three consecutive weekly leaderboard races you can earn 50 extra MLPs, and if you finish in the top 20 in the next 3 weekly races, you get 20 extra MLPs.

The race to the top of the Master Leaderboard began back in January 1, 2013, so you have no time to waste. Start earning points on the site now, for a chance to win a big slice of the $57,000 pie.

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