Win the Red Kings Rake Race for a Share of $7,500


redking-poker-promotionRed Kings poker is running a new promotion called the Rake Race, exclusively for visitors. Red Kings, which is known for its exciting tournaments and prizes, is hosting a special event called Rake Race and offering $7,500 in cash prizes. The promo is open to all the members of the poker site, and will last till December 31, 2012. The promotion includes two exclusive races – one between December 1 and 15, and the other between December 16 and December 31. Each race will have the winners sharing cash of $3,500. To emerge victorious and take home the highest amount, you need to top the leaderboard and stand first in the race.

So are you game for it? If yes, here are some more details about the promo that you should know.

Play at the Red Kings Poker Special $7.5K rake race!

Participating in the Rake Race

To be able to participate in the Rake Race, you first need to be a member of Red Kings Poker. The poker room accepts players from the UK, and a few other countries in Europe and the Asia-Pacific. However, the site does not accept registration from players in the US, at least for now. If online gambling is legally accepted in your country and Red Kings Poker offers its services there, you can create an account with it and make your first deposit. Once you have sufficient cash in your account, your aim should be to play cash games on the site and earn at least 125 Red Kings Player Points to be eligible for the race.

Play at the Red Kings Poker Special $7.5K rake race!

How to Earn Player Points

Every player who registers with Red Kings online poker room and plays cash games is rewarded with loyalty points, also known as Red Kings Player Points. These Player Points are offered based on the amount of money you spend as rake on the site, the stakes of the games you participate in and the type of game you play. For instance, a player gets to earn one Player Point for every 20 cents he spends as rake in a pot limit or the NL hold’em games with stakes of $0.25/$0.50 or less. Similarly, a player at a NLH or PLH table with stakes of $0.25/$0.50 or more will earn one Player Point for every $1 he spends as rake in the pot.

The Player Points earned by the members will be converted to leaderboard points, which are considered for determining the winner of the race. Each Player point that you earn by participating in the cash games and also tournaments is converted into one leaderboard point.

Play at the Red Kings Poker Special $7.5K rake race!

Prizes for top players on leaderboard

To top the Rake Race leaderboard, you need to play as many cash games and tournaments as you can and earn the highest number of Player Points. The status of the players participating in the race will be updated every 3 to 5 days on the leaderboard. You can also check your leaderboard ranking by clicking here.

The top 75 players in the competition will be given cash prizes worth $3,500 for each race. In all, Red Kings Poker is giving away cash prizes worth $7,500 during the Rake Race. The player ranked first on the leaderboard of each race will get cash prize of $700, the second place winner gets $500 and the third winner gets $350. The rest of the prize money is divided proportionately between the remaining winners on the leaderboard, based on their rankings.

Play at the Red Kings Poker Special $7.5K rake race!

December Point Race at Red Kings

Red Kings is also hosting special 3-day races during the month of December and giving away cash prizes worth $50,000. The best part about this race is that it is on throughout the month and you can join the race any day you want. To be eligible for a cash prize, you need to be among the top 250 members on the leaderboard for three consecutive days. If you manage to do so, you will be rewarded with a cash prize after the third day.

Red Kings is guaranteeing prizes to the top 250 players every day. So if you manage to stay in the list through the month, you will actually be rewarded with a cash prize every 4th day of the month, starting from the day you enter the race. If you finish a 3-day race, you can start a new race simply by playing more and earning the needed leaderboard points from the next day.

Play at the Red Kings Poker Special $7.5K rake race!

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