Carbon Poker Launches New Omaha Odds Calculator and More


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Carbon Poker has brought out a new poker tool which can be downloaded on all PCs. With it, you can calculate the probability of winning a hand and decide whether you want to play or fold it. Called Carbon Poker Omaha Odds Calculator, the poker tool is designed to help players improve their game-play. In addition to analyzing hand strength, the tool can help determine pot odds, winning odds, and patterns of play adopted by opponents.

Carbon Poker Omaha Odds Calculator has an in-built hand re-player which allows you to view old hands. By watching how a hand was played and what its outcome was, you can improve your skills in the game. You also get to see the hands your opponents mucked just after showdown. This feature of the tool allows you to avoid retrieving old hands from your game history. Here are a few other features of the tool and their benefits:

Manual calculator (poker odds): If you double click the area where the cards are displayed, the manual calculator will be activated. If the same action is performed during a game, it will allow you to replace cards.

Heads-up display: This shows all the details you need to play a hand. It will display player stats, mucked hands, pot odds and winning odds.

Icons for profiling: After Carbon Poker collects the data of 40 hands played by one of your opponents, it will give you the provision to assign an icon to him. You can choose from a range of profiling icons that tell you what your opponent’s playing style is – loose, aggressive, tight, passive, neutral or a combination of any two.

Hutchison points: The Hutchison point system, which is one of the most reliable for assessing the value of a starting hand, has been integrated in the tool. When you activate it, the tool will show the Hutchison points for the starting hand dealt to you. Based on this, you can decide whether the hand is strong enough to be played.

The odds calculator, which comes with the best software for a tool in its category, is free. It can be used with No-Limit, Limit and Pot Limit Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi-Lo. It calculates the cards you need to complete a hand and other probabilities in just a second. Real-time statistic overlays of opponents at your table are also determined by the tool.

You can customize the tool’s player notes, viewing modes, hand re-player and deck colors, among many other features. The functionality of the tool is top-notch. You can use it in cash games and tournaments, in both real-money and free-play mode. Though the tool cannot be used directly on a Mac, it can be used with a Mac poker emulator.

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All-in or Fold

At Carbon Poker, players have additional options to test their poker skills. One such is called All-in or Fold, a promotion which comes with a perk – the chance to win $2,250 cash. To win the prize, you have to play-through ten levels of the heads-up tournaments that are part of the promotion.

The smallest buy-in required in the promotion is $1.10, for the first step of All-in or Fold, which can have a maximum of nine entrants. The buy-ins increase with every step. For instance, the fourth event requires a buy-in of $20; the sixth, $77; the eighth, $300; and the tenth, $1,180. If you finish first in any of the first nine steps, you will get automatic entry to the next one. On finishing first in the tenth step, Carbon Poker will give you $2,250.

Snakes and Ladders

The online poker room is running another promotion called Snakes and Ladders, which is a tiered Sit n Go (SNG) tournament. Players can earn as much as $2,000 in cash. To enter the promotion, you have to buy-in with $1.10 or exchange 110 VIP points. Like the All-in or Fold promotion, the SNG comprises steps, which become more complex as they increase. Snakes and Ladder has seven steps.

Players can start their journey in the promotion with the first step. You have to work your way up the ladder to reach the seventh. In the case where you are unable to move up the ladder, you get to play the same step again. For players who do not want to start at the lower levels, Carbon Poker has created a provision through which they can buy-in directly to any other step. Once a player wins a coupon to play step three, he can enter the satellite tournaments running at Carbon Poker.

Payouts and placements in Snakes and Ladders

• Players who finish first and second in the first step get entry to the second step. The third, fourth and fifth place winners get to replay step one.
• If you place first or second in step two, you get to play in step three. But, if you come in third or fourth, you replay the step. If you are the fifth place finisher, you have to play step one again.
• On the third step, players in the first and second places move on to step four; those in the third and fourth places replay step three; those in the fifth and sixth places replay step two; and those in eighth and ninth places, step one. Carbon Poker follows a similar payout structure for step four, five and six.
• Players who finish in the first spot on step seven get $2,000. Those who come in second, get $1,250; third, $750; fourth, $499; fifth, $295; and sixth $220.

If you want to avoid paying the buy-in to enter the events, use your VIP rewards points. Carbon Poker’s program for VIP Players is among the best in the industry. To join the program, you should become a member of the site. Read our review of Carbon Poker, which highlights the benefits of signing up with the poker room.

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