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carbon-poker-promo-race-for-richesRace for Riches, a high-stakes offer for players looking to earn big bucks at Carbon Poker, was launched on July 1. The promotion is scheduled to take place in four stages – the first is between July 1 and 8; the second, between July 9 and 15; the third, between July 16 and 22; and the last, between July 23 and 30. Each stage of the race will offer more than $25,000. This means that poker players have the chance to win over $100,000 at Carbon Poker. To claim your share of the huge prize amount, start playing at the online poker room now.

Carbon Poker Prize money

The prize money is offered based on the position you earn on the poker site’s leader-board. For instance, the winner will get $2000, while the players in the second and third positions will earn $1,300 and $900 respectively. The fourth and fifth place winners will get $700 and $500 respectively. In this way, the online poker room awards the top 400 players on its leader-board. Players can expect to get paid within 24 hours of the race’s completion.


Carbon Poker offers multipliers on a few of its poker tournaments. If you enter one of them you can enhance your earnings at the poker room. Some of the events in which you can get the multipliers are – a Re-buy with $4,000 guaranteed, Evening 109 tournament with $10,000 guaranteed, Freezeout with $3,000 guaranteed, and another with $7,500. In addition are tournaments like the Sunday Guaranteed, Midweek Monster, Guaranteed Turbo and Guaranteed Deepstack.

Most of the tournaments which feature multipliers take place daily. In them, only one instance will be considered a multiplier. For example, if you play the daily $7,500 Freezeout, the multiplier bonus will be 0.1. All players at Carbon Poker are eligible for the high-powered races. To get started, you have to make your way to the tables where tournaments (including the bonus events) take place.

Players should remember that

• The Race Points used in this promotion are a total of the tournament fees you pay, along with the ring rake.
• If you earn a cash prize through one of the tournaments, Carbon Poker will credit the full amount to your account at the site. You do not have to meet play-through requirements to withdraw the money you earn this way.

Earn double VIP points during Happy Hours at Carbon Poker

In addition to Race to Riches, Carbon Poker offers other poker promotions for high stakes players. One of them is Happy Hour, in which during the 60 minutes of the promotion players get the chance to earn twice the number of VIP points they would otherwise get for their efforts at the site. To enter the promotion, you have to opt-in to it. The offer is available every Friday, Thursday and Wednesday between 11:00 and 15:00 hours.

Players who enter the promotion between July 1 and 31 will be eligible for the offer, which is provided on the real money cash games the site runs. You can also avail the offer on its SnGs and MTTs that are hosted between 11:00 am and 15:00 pm. To enter, visit the Player Admin option in your account. It will show an option to ‘Activate the Promotion’. Following this, the online poker room will track your game-play and the amount of money you spend on its games. It will double the points and add them to your account by 14:00 hours the next day.

You should note that the bonus points you make during July will not be considered when the site determines the VIP tier on which you are placed in August. The points can be exchanged for cash, to enter tournaments and to purchase items from the VIP store that Carbon Poker runs for players.

Carbon Poker Bounty tournaments

For high-stakes players who enjoy the feeling of eliminating another player and collecting a huge prize, Carbon Poker is running Bounty Tournaments. In these events, there is the additional thrill of winning the top prize, if you are the last players standing. A percentage of the money in the prize pool is considered a bounty, which is placed on players’ heads, some of who are poker celebrities. For every player you eliminate from the table, Carbon Poker will pay out the bounty to you.

You can make profits on bounties irrespective of what your position is on the leader-board. For instance, in a $2 buy-in event, the prize pool will get $1, and the bounty field will get the other $1. Each player will have a bounty of $1 on his head. So, if you eliminate just two players, you will get back the buy-in you paid. Eliminate more, and you will make a profit.

Carbon Poker offers bounty tournaments at different prize structures to suit players at all stake levels. You can customize the prize pool at an event to take out anywhere between 10% and 100% of the buy-in you post. If you are new to the site, and want to find out about its features before you start playing, read our review of Carbon Poker.

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