Doyle Brunson makes 2012 WSOP Debut in Event #15


Regardless of what the general public may think, sitting at a poker table for hours each day during the WSOP is very taxing; and Doyle Brunson knows this better than anybody, having played in the world’s largest poker extravaganza since its inaugural year in 1970. That said, Brunson has decided to scale back his schedule for the 2012 WSOP, which was pretty evident when he waited until Event #15 Seven Card Stud 8 or Better to play.

How Brunson fared

Upon taking his seat for the Event #15 tournament, “The Texas Dolly” got a nice welcome over the PA system as his presence was announced. What immediately followed was a crowd of players welcoming Brunson to his 2012 WSOP debut. He managed to make it to Day 2, but busted out well before the money since only 24 players cashed in Event #15.

Why Brunson is cutting down on his Play

In being 78 years old, Doyle Brunson doesn’t get around as well as he used to. Even still, he decided to do a little tour of Europe in late 2011 and play in some poker tournaments over there. This turned out to be quite a tough trip for the aging poker legend, which is a big reason why he’s been limiting his tournament play. So while we can expect to see Brunson in a few WSOP tourneys this year, he won’t be playing as many events as other established pros.

Chances of Doyle winning Bracelet #11

The Texas Dolly (Doyle Brunson) hasn’t won a gold bracelet since 2005, when he captured a $5,000 Short-Handed NLHE title ($367,800). However, that doesn’t make him totally inept in regards to winning a record-tying 11th WSOP gold bracelet. Right now his 10 bracelets are tied with Johnny Chan for second all-time, and both players are trying to catch leader Phil Hellmuth (11 bracelets). Of course, the very active Hellmuth has a better chance of grabbing bracelet #12 than Doyle does of winning #11.

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