Antonius On Fire Near The Close of April, Wins $560K In Weekend Play


The Finnish player Patrik Antonius has had little difficulty in dismantling his opponents at the high-stakes Pot-Limit Omaha tables. In just under 400 hands, Antonius ended his April 24th evening up a substantial $560,000.

Taking on the opposition of No Pasaran, Andreas “skjervoy” Torbergsen, LokoIsBack and FinnishNightmre, the $300/$600 PLO tables were very profitable bringing Antonius over $200,000 in earnings. But despite it’s lucrative nature, most of Antonius’ winnings came from his fellow Team Full Tilt comrade Gus Hansen.

The pair decided that playing each other was the best way to secure a large payday for the night, and while they both came in to the contest with positive expectations, it was only Antonius who left with them. Crushing Hansen for the majority of the contest, the bulk of Antonius’ earnings for the month of April have been dispensed from the Gus Hansen ATM.

All considering, Antonius hadn’t performed up to his usual standards at the start of 2011. With speculation over whether the original Durrrr Challenge would ever be completed, and less than stellar high stakes results, it’s debatable that Antonius wasn’t quite as mentally focused as he’s been in years’ past. However, whether it’s the lack of U.S. competition or a newly-renewed spark in interest, Antonius has reeled off several consecutive six-figure bookings to surplant himself as the top dog on Full Tilt Poker.

In other exciting news, the highly-anticipated return of XWINK happened over the weekend. The player who made a huge splash in 2011 by taking on several of the best pros in poker, has famously won and lost millions of dollars and is now back at the virtual felt for more action. Although his sessions are usually swingy, the unidentified player from Canada played a ton of hands and tattoed his enemies for the product of $263,000.

The action on Full Tilt Poker has been steady in spite of Black Friday’s falloff. However, it should become much more difficult for a player of XWINK’s caliber to consistently find the variance-heavy action he’s seeking.

Although it’s difficult to attribute a geographic location to success, the Finnish players on Full Tilt Poker continue to have the best results. blogger Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies also had a profitable weekend, finishing $137K in the black.

If you’ve been keeping track of all of the high-stakes results, players Jens “Ingenious89” Kyllonen and FinnishNightmre have also been on a mission, accumulating million dollar paychecks over the span of a month.

Their great results have unfortunately come at the expense of players ronnyr36717 and Gus Hansen, who just can’t seem to gain ground. Over the weekend, Limit specialist O Fortuna PLS lost -$217,000, along with Peter Jetten (-$137K), who doesn’t frequently play the nosebleed stakes but has been taking badly-timed shots at these levels lately.

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom was also active at the online felt on Sunday, taking on a Poland qualifer “Mastermixus,” who put up good resistance but eventually couldn’t overtake the notorious Team PokerStars pro from Sweden.

This latest Superstar Showdown was dramatically reduced in size, playing $5/$10 No-Limit Hold’em for 2,500 hands instead of the more customary limits of $50/$100. Despite the change however, a real bankroll of $15,000 was at stake for both players, while the benefits would certainly affect both players differently.

The $1,279 victory for Isildur1 marks his third straight victory in the Superstar Showdown. The next scheduled opponent for the challenge hasn’t been arranged yet, but hopefully we’ll see yet another exciting battle.

More info coming soon from HSR in the near future.

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