Kagome Kagome Makes Does His First Video Interview With Pokerstatic.com


Formerly known as IHateJuice, the high stakes limit specialist has been the source of a little controversy over the past few months. Inciting a heated forum on TwoPlusTwo.com about his unethical name change and how that went about, the player also known as Hasu finally felt comfortable stepping into the forefront to explain his actions.

Regularly playing the best players in the world at the highest stakes available on the Internet, it doesn’t come as a surprise to tag Hasu as one of the best players in the world in this particular forum. But despite his prowess for spotting profitable situations, Kagome Kagome often has difficultly in finding opponents who are willing to play him.

Considered to be an effort to inspire new action, the player once known as IHateJuice (a potential play-on of words of I Hate Jews) was required by Full Tilt Poker to change his screen name because of the potential to offend neighboring players. While Hasu certainly didn’t intend for the online moniker to be as controversial as it was, he changed not only his screen name but country of origin as well to “pay homage to one of his favorite travel destinations.” With both a new online identity and suggested residence, it was feasible to expect an increase in the amount of action from his opponents. And that’s exactly what happened.

At some of the highest stakes found on Full Tilt Poker, the new Kagome Kagome played against several opponents, and although he had little to moderate success, his opposition quickly recognized who they were playing and felt as though they were inappropriately scammed.

In Hasu’s latest interview with Pokerstatic.com, he attempts to clear the air regarding his unassumed play versus several regulars and the true meaning behind all of his screen names. He also dives in deep regarding his frustration of only being able to play Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey, and his future plans regarding the play at high stakes Limit Hold’em.

Although he comments that the interview will likely be his “first and last,” you certainly won’t see and hear the last of Kagome Kagome in this video.

In 2011, under his new alias, Kagome Kagome has been a big loser at the online felt with over $2 million dollars in donations.

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