Diminished Player Volume Doesn’t Hurt Antonius, Patrik Wins $361K


Despite Full Tilt Poker no longer serving players in the U.S. demographic, one of the biggest faces for the company, Patrik Antonius, is still raking in large sums of money. In a late April surge, Antonius managed to capture over $360,000 from his adversaries in an enlightening post-Black Friday Pot-Limit Omaha session.

Although Black Friday was assumed to be the near-end of profitability for most online professional players, many, including Antonius have only seen their wages increase due to the lack of such tough competition. Likely due to the fearsome competitors who once inhabited some of the highest heads-up and 6-max games now vacating, the very swingy $300/$600 short-handed PLO game was running to the delight of many. It’s probably true however, that no one was quite as delighted as Antonius.

With the competition whittled down, only the familiar faces of NoPasaran, Gus Hansen, Andreas “skjervoy” Torbergsen, FinnishNightmre and Esvedra were available to take on such an intense undertaking. Several monster pots were traded back in forth, but in this circumstance Antonius always seemed to be on the receiving end.

Within the peak of 422 hands, Antonius won a $190K+ pot after flopping a straight against two opponents who both held overpairs. FinnishNightmre and NoPasaran were the unfortunate victims in this hand, as they failed to improve over two streets and allowed Antonius to gather the pot.

Barring his one session against the streaky Gus Hansen, Antonius has reigned supreme over his fellow high-stakes opponents over the past month with over $1 million in total earnings.

If it wasn’t for a tremendous setback during the early stages of 2011, Antonius could easily be in the hunt for the top spot amongst online earners this year.

However, that responsibility belongs solely to none other than Gus Hansen, who’s been very successful in the early part of 2011. Having tremendous months in both February and March, Hansen was up over $4 million during the earliest part of April. He’s since then slowed down, but still manages to stay on top of the leaderboard with over $2 million in winnings overall.

On this night however, Hansen finished as the devoured fish for several hungry sharks, losing to the tune of $203K over 231 total hands. Hansen’s increased activity at the online tables should certainly assist in helping him erase that deficit however.

FinnishNightmre, NoPasaran, and skjervoy were also keeping Hansen company in the losers column, dumping -$186,000, -$150,000 and -$156,000 respectively.

Taking note of the winners for the night as well, Jens “Ingenious89” Kyllonen and Esvedra took home considerable amounts of moulah to end their nights up $100K and $206K in the black.

While Kyllonen has been a professional player for quite some time, the Coinflip.com sponsored 21-year-old admittedly made the biggest splash of his career with his tremendous earnings in April. Up over $1 million dollars, in a recent blog entry Ingenious89 gave cause of April’s upswing to being “in the zone” and also giving focus to deeply analytical situations and making to correct decisions regularly. Only if we could all understand poker at the highest levels.

Hopefully the entire Finnish community can continue to surge late in 2011. You can be certain that Antonius and Kyllonen’s fellow labelmate Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies could certainly use the run-good.

Even with the stellar output of last night’s play, Antonius finishes practically break-even overall after four months of effort.

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