Bodog’s Poker Team Acquires Pro Tatjana Pasalic


Despite Bodog Poker already serving as host to several beautiful and successful poker pros Evelyn Ng and Amanda Musumeci, they’ve added yet another player who fits this profile, and her name is Tatjana Pasalic.

While Pasalic comes as a new face to Team Bodog, the 26-year-old poker player has been involved with poker for several years. Pasalic has served as the host of PartyPoker broadcasts, “Face the Pro” appearances and most notably WPT Europe presentations. Since her early twenties, Pasalic has been heavily immersed in the game, and although the signing comes as a bonus, she wasn’t completely surprised.

Comprehending the clientele that Bodog Poker tends to acquire, she’s grateful that she fits in so well to the Team Bodog brand and attitude.

“Bodog’s brand is the one that fits me best… from the photo-shoot onwards everybody at Bodog has had a wicked sense of fun which is what I am about too so the synergy is obvious. They’ve all shown me great support already so it’s now just up to me to take down the World Series!”

Her signing also comes in the wake of Evelyn Ng’s re-structured contract, which was issued just a few weeks ago. Ng now serves as the longest-standing member of Team Bodog, with her original contract extending since 2006.

The World Series of Poker Main Event will be the first big opportunity for Pasalic to prove herself to her fellow Team Bodog members. The WSOP Main Event will be the official debut of Pasalic for Bodog Poker.

Although the Bodog sponsored player will be certain to make a splash at the WSOP, it will only come as her third major live tournament experience. Pasalic cashed in her first live tournament, the Unibet Poker Open Prague, where she finished in 47th place. Her second appearance came at the PartyPoker Women’s World Open IV, where she finished in 6th for $3,000.

Despite Pasalic’s tournament experience being limited, she’s still hopeful that she can make a sizable dent in the biggest poker tournament in the world. She’s been receiving tips and strategy from some of Bodog Poker’s smartest players, and although unintended, it’s likely her looks alone are enough to distract even some of the most focused players at the table.

The Bosnian-born player, who nows lives in London, spends a lot of her free time in the kitchen. She enjoys several quirks such as answering Facebook questions and varying perfumes, and although her latest endeavor should keep her busy at the tables, she’ll still continue to contribute to all of her previous assignments with various poker entities.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the newly-eligible bachelorette, check out her Twitter page @Tattytats or check out the official release from Bodog here.

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