Antonius Earns Every Bit Of His Resurgence As One Of The Best In The Game


Although there have been bigger wins, few have come at more opportune times than Patrik Antonius’. Arguably now the face Team Full Tilt, Antonius has proved once again to the world that he’s still amongst the best in his field by adding over $1.7 million in his online account in just seven days.

You would assume that in order to acquire such boisterous wins, you would need to exert better numbers in terms of hand volume to climb your way back into the winners column. While Antonius has been busier than usual, it could be said that Antonius has been prudent in his approach to re-establishing his online reputation. Taking a few pages out of Phil Ivey’s playbook, Antonius has instead booked massive wins against his adversaries and left while ahead. In only 2,278 hands over the course of the week, he’s managed to win hundreds of thousands in nearly every session.

In the first three months of the year, Antonius was down $500,000, and has since climbed his way well above that deficit. He’s now creeping towards the top of the leaderboard in total 2011 earnings, trying to catch Gus Hansen, who still leads the list. In the month of April, Antonius brought in $2.3 million overall.

Speaking of Hansen, he was amongst the resilient competition that provided resistance to Antonius’ rise to the top. Also included in this group were players like DrugsOrMe, Esvedra, Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies and Andreas “skjervoy” Torbergsen, although they all posted losing results against the former tennis pro. In the $300/$600 Pot-Limit Omaha games, Antonius has indeed smashed, served and volleyed through all of these opponents on his way to one of the best weeks of his online career.

In regards to Hansen’s overall results, the “Great Dane” was the biggest loser over this span of time, giving back over $1 million of the near $5 million that he gained during the start of 2011. While playing a ton of hands often benefits most players when you’re trying to mount a comeback, the 6,954 hands played by Hansen didn’t seem to do him much good.

Still leading the profit results for 2011 with $3 million, Hansen won’t lose too much sleep at night regardless of his recent downswing.

Antonius will head into May with a ton of confidence, but several players who have also been extremely successful in the month of April will be looking to surpass Antonius in terms of profitability. Jens “Ingenious89” Kyllonen and Rui Cao, who both hovered right around the $1 million dollar mark in earnings, will be looking to duplicate or improve dramatically upon their statistics.

On the flip side, there are two players who are begging for new beginnings, and that’s Andreas Torbergsen and Ilari Sahamies. The two players who have been the most active during the consistent run of Pot-Limit Omaha nosebleed games, haven’t had their effort translate into success over the course of four weeks.

Torbergsen, who is likely experiencing some fallout after his tremendous 2010 upswing, was absolutely crushed this past month to the tune of $1.5 million. The Norwegian has gone through some painful sessions thus far, but it’s likely he will continue to play his way through them to bring himself back to where he feels he belongs.

Ziigmund, who put forth 7,331 hands in April, will also be looking for redemption in May. He’s never been quite the same since his run-bad in September of last year, but the poker pro from Helsinki, Finland is working his way to greener pastures.

Tom Dwan and David Oppenheim round out the list of players who failed to record winnings last month. Unfortunately neither Full Tilt sponsored player will be rebuilding their bankroll any time soon, with the regulation of online poker in the U.S. still at a standstill.

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