Dwan Has All-Around “Game”…


According to one of Tom Dwan’s latest tweets, he recently decided to surprise his girlfriend with a day trip to Paris. Back in 2009, Dwan was spotted at the World Series of Poker Europe, being railed by the beautiful blonde in the picture below.

It has been confirmed that this beautiful woman is indeed Dwan’s counterpart.

Some believe she strongly resembles Tara Reid. However, from the look of this photo, I think Tara Reid probably wishes she looked like her.

After viewing this, I’m now slightly confused on why Durrrr spends so many countless hours playing poker.

They’ve been dating for over a year, so it seems as though she may be truly attached to the poker stud, and not just his Stud winnings.

Make sure to spot the Asian fellow in the background checking out her gorgeous figure as well. Also, the indentation on her right wrist appears to be a funky optical illusion with her dress. From the look of Tom Dwan’s eyes though, she may just be the reason why it appears Tom Dwan hasn’t had sleep in days.

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  1. michael

    in addition to being filthy rich, i hear he’s a pretty cool guy. I know a girl that use to cut his hair in the salon at Bellagio and she had nothing but good things to say about him.


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