Name: Annad Ramdin
Birthday: May 26, 1968
Location: Bronx, NY
Online Screen Names: Victor (Poker Stars)
Endorsed: PokerStars

Annad “Victor” Ramdin was a latecomer to the world of poker and only fell into it by accident. Born in Georgetown, Guyana, Ramdin was already living in the United States when he discovered the game in 2002. He was, and still is, a businessman in his own right, owning his own store and investing in real estate. A few of his friends were playing the game in the bar he frequented one night and he began to take an interest, but never dreamed that it would go any further than that.

Ramdin joined in with his friends the next time they played and started getting a taste for the game. He picked it up quickly and proved to be a good player. When he eventually realized that there was money to be won, he decided to give the bigger leagues a chance in order to support his wife and children. A family man and father of two, Ramdin needed no more motivation than providing for his family.

As soon as he entered the world of poker, his talents were spotted by Phil Ivey, one of the best players in the game today. Ivey took Ramdin under his wing and began to mentor him. His tutoring, it seems, paid off because it was less than a year before Ramdin was earning at World Series of Poker tables, even finishing 29th in the 2003 Main Event.  The Ivey prodigy would cash another half dozen times in 2003, including a third-place finish in the Showdown at the Sands in Atlantic City, worth over $200,000.

It seems that Ramdin’s golden touch was to continue into 2004, as he cashed in the United States Poker Championship and the World Poker Tour Championship. In 2005, Ramdin made his first poker million by winning the WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic. However, he has not let fame and fortune go to his head. Instead, he seems intent on making use of the fame he has found!

Ramdin is famed for travelling to Guyana in an attempt to help his fellow countrymen. He teaches poker in the role of charity worker, taking several doctors with him to help the poor. As a charity worker, Ramdin can make a difference in the world and still laughs about his status in poker. You can’t get much more professional and talented, though. Ask his fellow PokerStars colleagues!