Patrik Antonius, previously known in the online world as “FinddaGrind,” “I_Knockout_U,” and “TryHarderFish,” is a Finland born poker professional. Antonius grew up in the hometown of Helsinki, Finland. The Team Full Tilt Poker member currently resides in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Antonius’ involvement in poker started at an extremely early age. While poker eventually evolved to be his career choice, Antonius was originally regarded as one of the premier tennis prodigies of his age in Finland. At age 13, Antonius was already talented enough to be considered as a potential contender at the Wimbledon Championships in London, England. When the intense speculation about his tennis ability started to swirl, the young tennis phenom decided to drop all of his other extra-curricular activities, and focus solely on tennis. Training extensively, Antonius came extremely close to becoming a tennis professional, until a painful injury, a bulging disc in his back, took his hopes of winning a Grand Slam event away.

Although Antonius made a great recovery, the relentless schedule of a professional tennis player was just too much for Antonius to handle. Despite his unfortunate situation, there was a bright side to Antonius’ bad luck. It was often during his breaks from tennis, where he learned how to play poker. After his tennis lessons were complete, the young prodigy spent a tremendous amount of time at his tennis club playing with his friends for $50 at a time. It was here, where Antonius actually starting building a reasonable poker bankroll.

While he still played tennis recreationally, Antonius continued to play poker with his friends throughout his high school career. Winning, what at the time, seemed like a ton of money, the $20 and $50 dollar bills that Antonius was collecting seemed to be well worth his time. After having continued success, once he turned 18, the young player tried his luck at the local casino in Helsinki.

In an interesting fact, it was actually the game of Omaha in which Antonius learned first with his friends. While he was sure his skill was very comparable in that game, at Casino Helsinki, one of the only games available to play at the time was No-Limit Hold’Em. Despite the strategy between the two games being distinctively different, Antonius pulled off a small win in his very first Texas Hold’Em Tournament. With an increased since of confidence, along with a strong intrigue in a new poker variation, it was at that time that Antonius had decided he wanted to pursue poker as a profession.

While pursing a career in poker, the Finnish born player also spent a considerable amount of time as a tennis coach, and sucessful model. Although he was reasonably successful with both, it was the rush of being at the poker felt that interested Antonius the most.

In 2002, Antonius made the decision completely, that he wanted poker to be his career. He originally cut his teeth in the live poker world, continuously playing tournaments and cash games for over two years. But while he had a decent amount of success, it wasn’t until he pursued the online poker games that he had the most success. After depositing a meager $200, in two months time, “FinddaGrind” had managed to earn over $20,000.

Slowly building up a reputation for himself as one of the best poker players in Finland, the Finnish poker player decided to move to the United States. He soon moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he could be closer to the action.

In 2005, Patrik Antonius started to make a name for himself on the big stage at the World Series of Poker. During the series, he cashed in 3 events. He also managed to cash 12th and 15th respectively, at both the European Poker Tour and World Poker Tour earlier that year. Finish the year with a 3rd place finish at the European Poker Tour’s Main Event, 2nd at the WPT Five Diamond Classic, and a £288,180 win at the EPT Baden bei Wien, and Antonius was on his way to becoming a major face in the world of poker.

While Antonius’ face was certainly becoming noticed for his increased success, he also became widely known in the poker world as the most attractive player on tour. His ever-growing ability, coupled with his charming accent and good looks, gave Antonius the opportunity for several television appearances. His cash game prowess landed him spots on both GSN‘s High Stakes Poker, which took place at the Golden Nugget, and’s Big Game, which airs at the Bellagio in Las vegas, Nevada. He’s also made several appearances on the Full Tilt Million Dollar Cash Game.

Despite enormous pots being generated on all shows, it was Patrik Antonius’ play against the unknown Swede “isildur1” in 2009 on Full Tilt Poker which generated the most buzz. Isildur1 took the Full Tilt Poker online community by storm in late 2009 when he continuously took on Team Full Tilt’s toughest pros, Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, and the aforementioned Antonius. While the unknown player managed to take large sums from both Ivey and Dwan, Antonius was the lucky winner of the biggest pot recorded in online poker history, for $1,356,946 against the online Swede. This unknown player, is rumored to be the talented No-Limit Hold’Em specialist, Viktor Blom.

Antonius is also known for his involvement in Tom Dwan’s “Durrrr Challenge”. Dwan issued a challenge to any opponent (except Phil Galfond), that he could beat them over a duration of 50,000 hands. Dwan bet his opponents 3 to 1 odds ($1.5 million to $500,000), that he would be successful over this period of time. The game could either be No-Limit Hold’Em, or Pot-Limit Omaha, and had to be spread over at least 4 tables simultaneously at a minimal of $200/$400 stakes. If either opponent was ahead by even a dollar at the end of 50,000 hands, they would win the side-bet. While several big names showed interest, in was Antonius who decided to step in first. The game they chose to play was $200/$400 PLO. The challenge is still unfinished, with Dwan currently in the lead for over $2 million, with 39,436 hands played.

Antonius has continued his poker success over the past several years, with consistently dominate results at the online felt, and in the live tournament circuit. He has many cashes under his belt at the World Series of Poker, although he currently holds no WSOP bracelets. He also has a combined 9 cashes between the WPT and EPT.

His current live tournament winnings are over $2.8 million.

The Finnish poker player and model is currently married to Maya Geller — a poker player and jewelry designer, and has fathered a beautiful daughter with his wife.

Patrik Antonius originally signed an endorsement deal with Martins Poker, but is now currently a member of Team Full Tilt. You can find him playing online exclusively at Full Tilt Poker.