Name: Mike Matusow
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Screenname: Mike Matusow
Poker Site: Full Tilt Poker
Birthday: April 30, 1968

Mike Matusow

Mike Matusow was born in Los Angeles, California on April 30, 1968. At the poker table, he is known as “Mike the Mouth” for his never-ceasing chatter that gets under his opponents’ skins. Aside from his irritating speech, Mike has one other trait that is common to his poker games, the “Mike Matusow Blowup” Many times after he suffers a big loss, often to a bad beat, Mike will start making stupid decisions, and by doing so, hasten his demise and sending him to the exits.

Mike Matusow has always been a competitive character, as he would play all sorts of games that are based on competition, such as pool and bowling. This competitiveness has helped him out as a poker player. Mike got his start in poker when he worked as a poker dealer. He would study the game carefully while he dealt, learning the game’s ins and outs while he was dealing it. After some time doing this, Mike entered a small poker tournament and won it. He started playing in more and more tournaments, always doing well. Mike also started putting his money down in cash games, especially Omaha Hi/Lo, a game in which Mike is now considered to be one of the best.

Mike Matusow’s first appearance at the World Series of Poker came at an Omaha Hi/Lo event in 1997. Mike finished second in the tournament. He would win his first WSOP bracelet in 1999 at the $3500 No Limit Holdem event. In 2001, Mike had a very good run at the WSOP Main Event, but got derailed by a bluff from eventual champion Carlos Mortensen. This caused a “Mike Matusow Blowup, and he finished the tournament in 6th place. Mike won his second WSOP bracelet in 2002 at a game of Omaha Hi/Lo. Mike had a good 2005 WSOP, as he finished 9th in the WSOP Main Event and he won the WSOP Tournament of Champions. In both events he won $1 million.

Mike Matusow spent six months in jail on drug charges after he refused to wear a hidden microphone to help the police catch more criminals. Jail was a lonely time for Mike, and when he got out he had to rebuild both his life and his bankroll. Phil Hellmuth helped out, as he loaned Mike $5000, and Mike was able to get back to his winning ways at the poker table.

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