Mel Judah

Name – Mel Judah
Birthday – Not Known
Location – London, UK
Online Screen Names – None Known
Endorses – N/A
Website – N/A

Mel Judah was born in Calcutta, India and had a somewhat colourful life before finding poker. He moved to London in the UK with his family and actually decided to go into hairdressing as a career. Maybe this is why he earned the nickname of the Silver Fox! He was extremely successful at what he did, and then took that success into poker when he turned professional later on!

Judah learned the art of poker at the age of fourteen. His father taught him how to play by using the rules of Five Card Draw. By the time that he hit his twenties, Judah knew how to play almost every game in poker and turned professional in the 1980s.

His first major success came in the 1989 World Series of poker, not too long after he turned professional. He has won two bracelets overall. The first came in the 1989 $1,500 Seven Card Stud event, with the second coming in the $5,000 Seven Card Stud event in 1997.

Although Judah has had success in the WSOP, he has also had his fair share of titles in the World Poker Tour tournaments as well. Most recently, Judah won the 2003 Legends of poker, thus netting almost $600,000, and came close top the main event in 1997 when he had a spot at the final table.

Judah also did well in the Poker Million 2006 tournament and placed 4th overall, however, he has moved in a slightly different direction since then. He now directs the European Poker Masters tour, which began in September 2006, which goes to show just how highly he is regarded by fellow professionals. Of course, the $3 million that he has won overall never hurts either!