Name: Daniel Moravec
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Screenname: Daniel Moravec, adioking
Poker Sites: Full Tilt Poker, Pokerstars

Daniel Moravec is a professional poker player who started playing poker at the ripe age of 18. Since his Full Tilt Poker account was hacked April 15, 2010, he no longer plays much online. He also doesn’t play many tournaments. His poker career began shortly after his high school graduation, which separated him from his high school friends whom he had recently learned the game of poker with.

Daniel Moravec grew up in a lower-middle class suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, a state where only fixed-limit and spread-limit poker games are allowed. During his late high school and early college years, Daniel made frequent trips to Canterbury Card Club, a state run Racino.

To this day, his friends refuse to let him forget where he came from. “Heck yeah we wore zoobas! I miss your grandma, she’s the one who made me certain color mixes!” exclaimed a childhood year friend of Daniel’s.

“I would always keep in touch with my friends from high school,” Daniel stated. “One day, as I was sitting in my 300 square foot dormitory across from my roommate, I was instant messaging a friend from back home. He introduced me to an online website called Pacific Poker (now known as 888 Poker), and said that each of us could log in and play poker against each other for free.”

Daniel Moravec was intrigued by the idea and signed up to play poker for free at Pacific Poker. After playing a few sessions with his friends from in Minneapolis, his competitive nature took a hold of him. “I have always been an extremely competitive person,” Moravec stated. “It wasn’t enough for me to just be playing against my friends, I wanted to play against the other players and beat them at a competitive game. I thought of poker as most people think of chess, a game of skill, rather than a game of chance.”

Daniel Moravec continued on to learn more about the game, reading poker strategy articles on the Internet and becoming a member of poker strategy forums. One of his friends back home had purchased a poker strategy book, and that caught Daniel’s eye. “I couldn’t let him get better than me, I just wouldn’t allow it! It was less than a week later that I had found the book that I was going to buy on eBay,” Daniel exclaimed. His book of choice? Mike Caro’s Pro Poker Tells, a book regarding the psychology of poker.

We asked Daniel how much he paid for his first poker book, and the answer was surprising. “Nothing!” he exclaimed. “It was so weird, and seemed soooo sketchy! This guy was just giving them away on eBay; His eBay ad title stated that the book was $0.99, but his item description said that the book was completely free.” Daniel Moravec went on to read further into the description, and the pitch went as follows:

“Sign up for using my bonus code, deposit $25, and I will GIVE this book to you at NO CHARGE!”

Daniel Moravec couldn’t believe his eyes, so he contacted the seller, told him that he wanted the book, and received it in the mail less than a week later. Little did he know, this event would change his life.

He went on to ask the seller why he was giving books away for free, and if he could get any more. The seller explained to him that he was an affiliate of online poker websites such as Party Poker, the one he had referred Daniel to. Daniel was intrigued, and continued to quiz the seller on how Daniel too could make money through advertising contracts. This person, well known in the industry, went on to mentor Daniel Moravec, teaching him skills that would pay for his college education.

Several years passed, and Daniel was making it as an entrepreneur. He had since turned his passion for playing poker, into a passion for writing about, and promoting the game of poker. The end of college came quickly, and Daniel had already claimed a level of success higher than any of his classmates.

Daniel was the proud recipient of two business bachelor’s degrees, one in Business Management, the other in Business Marketing. College may have been over for Moravec, but the party was just beginning.

Daniel Moravec moved to Las Vegas just two months after his college graduation in 2007. Daniel stated, “I wanted to live somewhere warmer, so I had considered buying a home in Texas with it’s low real estate prices, or moving to Las Vegas. After considering both, I just knew Vegas was the place for me.”

Las Vegas may be more than most can handle, but Daniel Moravec seemed to make quite a nice transition to “Sin City.” His no-limit Texas Holdem poker career begun at the lowest stakes on the Strip, $1-$2 blinds with a $200 max buy-in. This was July of 2007.

Daniel became quite accustomed to Vegas life, going out to multiple parties and hanging out with his friends and girlfriend, whom had joined in the cross-country move with him from Minnesota. Daniel stuck to the lower stakes, playing $2-$5 with a $500 max buy-in as his biggest game.

Something catastrophic happened in Daniel Moravec’s relationship, and he chose to separate from his girlfriend. He decided to spend his extra time at the poker tables, and to move up in the stakes. His $1-$2 no-limit poker games had quickly become $25-$50 n0-limit games, with his usual game being the $10-$20 no-limit Texas Holdem game frequently held at the Bellagio poker room.

Daniel continued to crush every game he participated in. Here are some of his biggest winning hands (live):

  • AA vs. ?? – $30,625 pot playing $10-$25nl Texas Holdem during the 2008 WSOP at Rio Casino. Board Jc 9d 4s Js 2h.
  • QQ vs Antonio Esfandiari (who held ?TT?) – $22,350 pot playing $20-$40nl Texas Holdem during 2008 LAPC at Commerce Casino. Board 8s 4s 4d Ks Jd

Daniel Moravec also went deep into the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event, being eliminated late on Day 3. He placed 746th out of 6844 players, with the top 666 players receiving a minimum $21,230 cash prize. His final hand? As9s on the cutoff vs. QQ under the gun. QQ opened preflop, action was folded to Daniel, who moved all-in for $78,500 and was called by QQ, which held up.

After Daniel Moravec was knocked out of the 2008 World Series of Poker tournament, his father called him with terrible news, that he was being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Daniel’s poker game hasn’t been the same since, but he’s hoping to get back to playing full time in the future.

Daniel Moravec now lives near the Las Vegas Strip and regularly plays no-limit Texas Hold’em at some of Las Vegas’ highest stakes.

*World Series of Poker is a trademark of Harrah’s Interactive Entertainment, Ltd.

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