Name: Curt Kohlberg
Birthday: Not Known
Location: Boston, Mass.
Online Screen Names –

Curt Kohlberg is a latecomer on the world poker stage, only being spotted on the radar for the first time in 2005. However, he had been playing for years and counted it as one of his favourite pastimes in his teens and early twenties. However, life intervened and Kohlberg and poker went their separate ways for several years before meeting again unexpectedly, and this time with better results for all of the poker fans out there!

Kohlberg did not discover poker until he enrolled at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. As a freshman, he would often play in various tournaments with his friends and soon found that he had a knack for it. He began seeking bigger and better competition , but kept his other interests at the same time. He excelled in school and maintained a high GPA within the School Of Management. At that point, his business acumen came out and he began selling shirts at rock concerts for a profit, amongst other things. Kohlberg was certainly busy, and this would stand him in good stead later in life.

Kohlberg let poker go for a while after being accepted to MIT. The workload left him little time for anything else. His career after MIT also left him with little time to live as he was immediately recruited by Wall Street and then moved around several large banks, enjoying his career. However, his first marriage failed as a result and Kohlberg was to seek refuge in his work.

It wasn’t until 1997, when Kohlberg had began to slow down a bit and had remarried, that he resume his poker playing where he left it all those years ago. His return tournament was a $500 Seven Card Stud tournament at Foxwoods, which he won. He then returned to Foxwoods a few days later to take part in the World Poker Final Event. He seemed to be on a roll because he also emerged victorious here as well! Not a bad first week back!

Although he has won a variety of games and has participated in several World Series of Poker events, Kohlberg has no wish to turn professional. He plays for fun, having made his money elsewhere, and loves the challenge. It is more about the mind games than the money, and Kohlberg likes it that way.