Name: Cycalona Gowen
Birthday: 1971
Location: Sachse, Texas
Online Screen Names: Clonie Gowen (Full Tilt Poker)
Endorses: Full Tilt Poker

Cycalona Gowen, aka Clonie, was born in the middle of a powerful storm in Kiowa, Oklahoma, the sixth child in a large but very tight family. Her life has been anything but conventional, so her entrance into a traditionally male dominated world would have come as no surprise to those that know her well.

Clonie Gowen was no ordinary child at school. Both beautiful and athletically gifted, Gowen stood out in every which way. She competed at state level with her high school basketball team, and was actually seventh in the state for the high jump when she competed at state level and track and field events too. She remained athletic all the way through school, but was honoured as a result of her beauty at age 15 when she won Miss Teen McAlester Oklahoma.

After graduating high school, Gowen worked in a travel agents and worked her way up to manager, eventually moving on to own her own business. However, she had played poker in her teen years when she was introduced to it by her then boyfriend’s father. Although her boyfriend lived in Louisiana, she would travel to see him during he weekend and often returned home with more money than she left with after entering various local competitions in the casinos. She was soon content to move up and felt confident playing in the bigger tournaments. It wasn’t until 2002 that she entered her first major tournament. Since then, she has never looked back.

The World poker Tour Costa Rica Classic was the first major tournament that she entered and she achieved tenth place, which was more than anybody expected of her at that time. Although she didn’t make the final table, she received an invitation to the World Poker Tour Ladies Night Invitational in September 2003 as a result. Exceeding everyone’s expectations, Gowen actually won and in doing so beat more experienced female players like Annie Duke, and that placed her firmly on the map.

Although happily married with two young children, Seth and Morgan, Gowen has been on tour several times in the past few years and has also taken on a busy schedule commentating at the major tournaments and for charity events featuring the game that she loves so much. However, her poker performances have not seemed to have suffered either. She placed 3rd in the Full Tilt Poker Championship in Las Vegas during July 2005 and finished 4th in the Fourth Annual Five Diamond World Poker Classic in December of the same year.

An active member of Team Full Tilt, Gowen also teaches poker and has set up her own school to teach people of all ages and backgrounds how to play. She seems to be dedicated to helping others to learn the ropes and make the most of their skills. She is easily one of the most recognized players in the world today and deserves all the praise that comes her way.