Name: Christopher Moneymaker
Birthday: November 21, 1975
Location: Atlanta
Online Screen Names: money800 (Poker Stars)
Endorses: Poker Stars

Born Christopher Bryan Moneymaker in Atlanta, Georgia is an American professional poker player who is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the game today. Famed for his name, which is actually his birth name and not a pseudonym, he has made the rags to riches transition in a matter of years and owes it all to a film!

Moneymaker has gambling in the blood because his whole family followed competitive game pursuits and fought hard to win, even if they were always pitted against each other. He began by playing bridge every week with his grandmother before moving onto a common interest that he shared with his father in blackjack. His competitive streak was always there, but he placed it to one side in order to follow his academic potential. Blessed with a gift or logical mathematic thought, Moneymaker earned a degree in accounting, which was followed by a Masters at the University of Tennessee, and landed a job that earned him $40,000 a year. He was more than happy living that life until he saw the film Rounders.

The film set something in motion within Moneymaker and he and is friends began to play every chance they got. Finding he had a natural talent for it, Moneymaker soon got bored with messing around at the table and wanted to pit his wits against the best in the game. Unfortunately for him, the nearest legal game was a four-hour drive away. As a result, he started to explore the world of online poker and discovered the site that was to make him famous PokerStars!

Moneymaker made his name on the multi-table tournament on the site, paying $20 a buy in and absolutely annihilated the competition. He rose quickly through the ranks and cashed on a vast number of events and tournaments. He continued winning game after game until he spotted a $39 satellite tournament that he wanted to enter. The rest, as they say is history!

The $39 tournament was soon under Moneymaker’s belt, along with all of the other tournaments, but it brought with it a seat in the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2003. Nobody expected him to win his first major tournament, but he did and the $2.5 million prize along with it. He had never played in a live tournament before and thus made the record books! Going heads up with Sam Farha must have been an experience for a primarily online player.

Moneymaker’s career has gone from strength the strength ever since. He came second on the World Poker Tour’s Shooting Stars event. He had finished his job in accountancy and became a fully-fledged member of Team Poker Stars. The tour beckoned and Moneymaker has been on the road ever since!

Moneymaker is also famed for his best selling autobiography: Moneymaker: How an Amateur Poker Player Turned $40 into $2.5 Million at the World Series of Poker. It was published in March 2005 and has made him a household name. The best is yet to come though and Moneymaker looks set to be a fixture on the circuit for years to come.