Name: Chris “The Armenian Express” Grigorian
Birthday: Not known
Location: Panorama City, CA
Online Screen Names: None Known

Chris Grigorian is an enigma to poker fans the world over because so little is known about him. Originally from Armenia in Eastern Europe, Grigorian began playing in 1985 and has made a whole host of appearances in tournaments all over the world ever since. He is a professional poker player, and yet he does not have the reputation that some of his peers do.

Grigorian is a talented and skilled poker player but prefers to ply his trade in cash games rather than tournaments, which is perhaps one of the reasons why he has failed to appear on live televised events in the past. His best results have come in cash games. He won the $500 Limit Holdem Championship at the Orleans Open in 2004 and the LA Poker Classic Seven Card Stud event that same year. These two events brought him over $77,000.

It was Grigorian’s performance in the LA Poker Classic that typifies his playing ability as he snatched victory from the jaws of certain defeat. With 8,000 in chip value compared to heads up opponent Jaime Perez’s 160,00, Grigorian managed to double up two hands in a row and raised until Perez was all in. Grigorian’s guts and glory attitude prevailed as he took the title. Known for aggressively raising his opponents, it definitely paid off in this particular example of his game play.

Known as the “Armenian Express,” Grigorian has poker in his blood and will no doubt continue to be a full-time professional poker player for the foreseeable future. However, unless you keep your eyes peeled, you may well miss him!