Name: Chris Ferguson
Location: Pacific Palisades, California
Screenname: Chris Ferguson
Poker site: Full Tilt Poker
Birthday: April 11, 1963

Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson is the man with the black hat and the long hair which has given him the nickname “Jesus” Chris is probably one of the most recognizable and popular figures in the poker world today.

Born on April 11, 1963 in LA, Chris Ferguson has been an intense competitor all of his life. He started playing poker in grade school, and actually lost every last cent he had in 4th grade. This experience gave him his new goal, to never go broke again, and so far, Chris has achieved that goal.

Chris loved school and continued to go to school until UCLA finally got tired of him and kicked him out after 18 years, giving him a Ph.D. in computer science as a farewell gift. Chris Ferguson played poker throughout college, sometimes in IRC chat rooms and sometimes in live tournaments. Chris first entered the World Series of Poker in 1995 after concentrating on improving his game.

Chris Ferguson certainly improved his game, for in 2000, he defeated T.J Cloutier in heads-up play to win the World Series of Poker Main Event. This was his second WSOP bracelet, his first coming earlier in 2000 in the $2500 Seven Card Stud Event. Chris won his third bracelet in 2001 at the $1500 Omaha Hi-Lo Split 8s or Better Event. In 2003, Chris won two more bracelets, in $2000 Omaha Hi-Lo Split 8s or Better and $2000 Half Limit Holdem Half Seven Card Stud.

Chris “Jesus” Ferguson is also known for his impressive ability to slice vegetables by throwing playing cards at them. He has cut through pickle, bananas, carrots, and even more kinds of fruits and veggies.

Chris is a Full Tilt Poker Pro, and he plays online exclusively at Full Tilt Poker and writes advice columns for Full Tilt Poker players. He plays under the screenname Chris Ferguson which will always be in red to show he is a Full Tilt Poker Pro.