Name: Charles Shoten
Birthday: 1937
Location: Glendale, CA
Online Screen Names: None Known

Charlie Shoten is better known by his nickname, Scotty Warbucks, in the poker world as a result of his wish to remain anonymous. Born in The Bronx, New York, Shoten knew how to play poker from the age of five because it was a popular game at family gatherings. He worked as an insurance man, a businessman and now owns an Internet business consultancy. He still remains active in the poker world, just no longer at the table.

After attending the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Shoten played poker as a hobby for several years and came up with his identity to remain anonymous at a time where his renown was growing. He was famed for his Southern California casino wins and wanted to divert attention away from the amount of money that he had won, especially as it doubles the amount he was earning in the insurance business.

Shoten boasted that he knew how to play poker the second he sat down at the table. Whilst unrealistic, Shoten proved it when he won his very first tournament at the Hustler Casino in California. As a result, he received a $3,000 buy in for the main event.

Shoten has been extremely successful through the years and even weighed in with nineteen final table places in 2003. However, he has since quit the active poker circuit and now goes under his own name as a result of the numerous TV appearances that he has made in recent years. Having written his own book about life at the table, he remains in the hearts and minds of poker fans the world over.