Name: Can Kim Hua
Birthday: July 7
Location: Rosemead, CA
Online Screen Names –

An active member of the Hendon Mob, Can Kim Hua, aka CK, has made a name for himself in poker tournaments all over the world. The Vietnamese American professional poker player is one of the most respected and most active players in the game today. The fact that he has finished more than 100 events in the money within a six year timeframe during his most recent career exploits says it all. Despite the recognition he has within poker though, very few people know of him outside that. This is partly because he likes to maintain a low profile in his private life and also because he hasn’t courted the press, unlike some of his peers. Hence little is actually known about him.

Can Kim Hua’s career has certainly been an industrious and illustrious one. He has rarely been away from the poker table since 2002 and has earned various cashes since then, although few titles than one would expect.

He has been extremely active on the World Poker Tour for a number of years, finishing fifth in the WPT first season in August 2002 and had an extremely rewarding second season in 2004. During January that year, he finished fifth at the World Poker open and later caused controversy in the June California State Poker Championship.

It is reported that Can Kim Hua had cut a deal to split the money during that particular tournament. The preliminary event money was supposed to have been split five ways, but Hua’s eye for the trophy put an end to that before the tournament had even started. He liked it so much that he put an end to the deal and would not budge until the other four involved all agreed to declare him the winner so that he could keep the trophy! It now takes pride of place in Hua’s home!

2006, however, was not Hua’s year. In the June, he was ahead in a pot limit World Series of Poker event but lost all his chips as a result of beautiful bluffing by Rafe Furst. Despite having few chips left, he managed to effectively end the tournament for Hua. However, in October that year, Hua regained some of his credibility by taking sixth place in the WPT fifth season tournament at Festa Al Lago.

Can Kim Hua does manage to stay under the radar of non poker fans, but has actually earned in excess of $2 million. No doubt he will sit at many poker tables in the years to come.