Name: Annette Obrestad
Birthday: September 18, 1988
Location: Norway
Online Screen Names: Annette_15
Endorsed: Full Tilt Poker

Annette Obrestad started her poker career at the age of 15, when she began playing online under the screenname Annette_15. Annette has quickly become one of the most feared online poker players and has won more than $2 million in online play.

Obrestad has numerous six-figure scores on her online resume, but her most impressive victory occurred when she won a Poker Stars $4 180-player sit and go. Winning the tournament itself is not a great accomplishment. The impressive part of the victory is the fact that Annette won the tournament while playing almost entirely blind, admitting to peeking at her hole cards once when face with an all-in bet.  Annette claimed she played blind to prove the importance of position and the ability to read one’s opponents.

Obrestad’s successes have not been limited to online play.  On September 17, 2007, just one day before her nineteenth birthday, she won the first ever World Series of Poker Europe Main Event. This victory set two records, first the record for being the youngest player to ever win a WSOP bracelet. She also set a record for largest cash prize to be won by a female poker player in a single tournament. Annette had won £1 million, which was worth a little bit more than $2 million at the time. The previous record was held by Annie Duke, who won an even $2 million at the 2004 WSOP Tournament of Champions. Annette’s victory came about when she defeated John Tabatabai, her pocket sevens hit a set when the flop fell 7-6-5 and Tabatabai was holding 5-6 offsuit for two pair.

It would not be long before Annette Obrestad had another huge success in live tournaments, as she would finish in second place at the EPT Dublin Event in November 2007, where she won €297,800 after falling to Reuben Peters.

Despite all of this tournament success, Annette Obrestad still had to wait until 2010 to make an appearance at the WSOP in Las Vegas, and she did so as a new addition to Team Full Tilt.  She cashed four times in her first WSOP and you can bet we haven’t seen the last of her live, or online.