Name: Andy Bloch
Birthday: June 1, 1969
Location: Tacoma Park, CA
Online Screen Names: JCBloch (Full Tilt Poker)
Endorses: Full Tilt Poker

Andy Bloch is one of the most prolific players and a member of Team Full Tilt.  However, Bloch’s start in poker was nowhere near as prolific as his station in the game now.

Born into a family that loved playing cards, Bloch learned to play as soon as he was able. He often played with friends for fun, but didn’t take it up as a serious hobby until the early nineties after obtaining an engineering degree from MIT, where he was also a member of the now famous MIT Blackjack Team.

Bloch began playing poker in small tournaments held at the casino at Foxwoods. The year was 1992 and the entrance fee was just $35. He would enter a competition once a month and build up his own skills by watching other players. It took him less than a year to win his first World Poker Finals tournament, doing so the very first time that he tried No-Limit Hold’em.

During this time, Bloch was enrolled in law school, but was far from set on a career in law. Instead, he was more concerned with playing poker and often cut class to play in tournaments. It wasn’t until 1997 that he cut class to play in the World Series of Poker Main Event. He is actually a qualified lawyer now, having passed the bar in 1999, but decided to concentrate on poker.

Bloch continued playing in various tournaments after graduating from law school, but really made a name for himself in 2001 when he made a pair of WSOP final tables. His very first win came just a year later at Foxwoods, which was the same casino that got him hooked!

Bloch performed well on the World Poker Tour, and took home a nice chunk of change for a win at the 2005 the Ultimate Poker Challenge $10,000 Final Event. But Bloch is perhaps best known for the record he set in 2006, where he and Chip Reese had the longest heads up battle in recorded history! He eventually finsihed second in the HORSE tournament at the World Series of Poker and won over $1 million.  His career earnings have already eclipsed $4 million.