Alan BetsonName: Alan Betson
Birthday: Not known
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Online Screen Names: None known

Alan Betson is a professional poker player from Dublin, Ireland, who is known as much for his sense of humor as his ability on the table! In fact, Padraig Prakinson, a respected follower of the game, has been known to say that Betson “has probably said five of the 10 funniest things I’ve ever heard at a poker table.”

Betson may be known for his humor and wit, but his poker skills are immense when sat at the table, especially when he is under pressure. Betson has been playing privately for years, but first made an impression on the global radar in 2001.

It was during that year that Betson actually won the European Texas Hold’em Championship. He was the definite underdog when the Euro Finals Of Poker began in Paris but emerged victorious to claim the $140,000 prize. He had won the Irish Poker Open the year before that but was relatively unknown to those playing outside Ireland.

However, since 2001, Betson has made a major impact on the international poker scene. In 2005, Betson placed second in two major tournaments, which served to establish his name on the poker scene. The first runner-up finish came in March during the Irish Open in Dublin, taking home 71,500 Euros from the 2,000 Euro No Limit Hold’em event.

The second was in the November 800 Euro No Limit Hold’em event in Amsterdam at the Holland Casino. Betson looked as though he would win that tournament, but was beaten by Abdul Khodr when an 8 appeared on the turn to give Kohdr two pair.

Betson may be the star of the poker table, but keeps his private life just that. He remains an enigma off the table and yet shines on it. Here is to many more victories for the Irishman!