One of the best features about playing online – in comparison to live online poker – is the bonuses. Some will argue that their favorite card room does offer comps per hour, and it’s likely they do. But, they often can’t and never will compare to what online poker venues offer their players. Online poker rooms understand that poker players are loyal consumers, and they’ll do everything they can to keep them happy. Live poker rooms try to do the same, but with so many tourists and recreational players cycling in and out, it gives them little to no incentive to increase their retention efforts.

This is why you’ll notice that online poker rooms – particularly the biggest sites – advertise often and consistently to attract hoards of new players. It’s likely they won’t stay new for long, because they’ll keep bombarding you with bonuses upon bonuses to keep you on their platform. It not only works to their benefit, but players also make out ahead because they receive massive monetary rewards. Whether it be rakeback, a deposit bonus, or a super elite Supernova status, players crave what online poker sites offer them.

We’re here to let you know about the latest bonuses with all of the sites we promote, and how to get the most out of each of them. Not all sites are the same, and while some of them have similar set-ups, there are certain quirks and limitations you need to be aware of. With our poker room reviews and bonus pages, we set you up for success, and tell you exactly how to drain these sites dry for everything they’re giving away.

Let’s not be misunderstood; we’re not teaching you how to illegally manipulate your way to extensive rewards, nor will you need to. Online poker sites are typically designed so that the players who earn the maximum bonuses are the ones who play the most. Simply make a deposit by clicking through one of our links, start playing for real money, and you’ll be on your way towards receiving big monetary rewards. It’s really that simple.

Some sites will give you more bang for your buck, others will be a bit more stringent. But that’s what we’re here for. We’ll give you an outline on how each of the reward systems work for every site, so that before you dive in head first, you’ll have an acute idea of what you can expect.

VIP concierge, thousands of dollars in cash or even a luxury sports car delivered to your front door sounds appealing right? Well there are sites out there that offer this. You just need to find them, and then play feverishly. Find them through us, here on High Stakes Report.

Good luck!