Just like in many aspects of business, companies make subtle or even drastic changes in an attempt to increase revenue. The poker climate is no different in its approach and entrepreneurial spirit, and they’re constantly introducing new games and features to attract a new demographic. Fortunately enough for poker conglomerates, we now live in an age superiorly dominated by technology, so in a sense we’ve made their work very easy. Likely to inspire younger players, and even businessmen on the go, many online poker sites have developed mobile poker platforms so you can play on the fly.

As with any novelty idea, you’re going to notice its fair share of flaws, but also distinct advantages, otherwise the idea would’ve never been created. Mobile poker apps were synthesized because players have a penchant for constant action, and with online play moving at swift speeds it seemed to be a no-brainer to extend the drama to your cell phone. Being able to play for both play and real-money, there’s a certain level of intrigue from players because they’ve never quite experienced something so potentially beneficial. Not only does playing on the go give you the opportunity to take advantage of any lucrative game, but it could free up time in other areas of players’ lives that they would greatly appreciate.

What is Mobile Poker?

Mobile Poker is an application that was created for cell phones so players can play poker on the go. It’s designed to allow players the freedom of playing anytime, anywhere, and for nearly any amount. There are mobile poker apps for many different online sites, including some of the biggest names mentioned in online poker.

What Are Some of the Advantages to Mobile Poker?

Obviously the most glaring benefit is that you’ll have the chance to play your favorite poker game any time that you wish, and not be restricted to your computer screen or local brick and mortar. Many players find that the added freedom of being able to play on your iPhone or Blackberry allows for more time to be spent elsewhere, whether it’s with your family, friends, or at home relaxing. With a WiFi connection, or a lightening-fast smartphone, players can play games at speeds that resemble their desktop counterparts. And with the simplicity of many of the available mobile poker apps, you won’t be bogged down with laggy bugs or unnecessary features that slow down game play.

What players want from most mobile poker apps is speed and fluency. Mobile applications from several online sites have made it their primary goal to address these two issues, and even if their apps lack a variety of game types they don’t skimp on quickness.

When mobile poker was introduced, it was also designed to cater to more users. While most younger users are proficient at using the new-age computers, many people are just now getting comfortable with cell phone development and may prefer to play on this apparatus. Broadening the consumer base greatly, the addition of thousands of new users to a site can both improve your win rate and boost rake revenue for the sites involved. It’s a win-win for both consumers and employees!

Mobile poker apps also easily allow friends and family to play against one another. While the downloading and installation of a bloated poker program may be more effort than either you or your computer wish to exert, the download of a quick and easy mobile app will have you beating and making fun of your buddies that much faster. The installation process is much less complex, deposits happen in a flash, and it’s easier to find friends to interact with them. There’s nothing worse than going through the process of downloading a site’s software only to find out you need to make a big deposit or fulfill lengthy obligations before you can get to the action – mobile poker skips all the nonsense and gets right down to business!

Are There Disadvantages to Mobile Poker?

While the disadvantages are meager, there are some that we want our readers to be aware of. First and foremost, mobile poker apps can be small in size. Both in file size and visually, because of their limited scope you’ll notice features missing from its full-blown computer counterpart or even from its Java-based version. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, since the absence of some characteristics helps play continue to move smoothly and without hesitation. Nonetheless, for players who have become so accustomed to time banks, auto-reloads and many other luxury details that come with some of the most popular online sites, you’ll be disappointed to find that these options have been glaringly omitted.

In a related category, the propensity to make mistakes during play grows larger with the minimized viewing screens of most cell phones and the lack of easy game controls. To be more specific, we all know that it’s not ideal to play a game that’s heavily focused around large sums of money on a 3-5” viewing screen. Whether it’s a touch screen or has a keypad, the margin of error on a cell phone is very limited. The keys are small, and there usually are few universal keys for actions during play. This can be confusing and cumbersome at times.

To help alleviate the problem, many of the apps on a touch screen phone have the capability of pressing a pop-up button. It makes things much easier during play, however, phones that don’t have touch screens may have a steeper learning curve with their respective keypads.

Where Can I find a Mobile Poker App?

These apps are usually found directly on an online poker web site. The bigger and more popular the site is, the more likely it is to have a mobile application.

As online poker sites grow larger, they’ve begun to include more features in both their regular download platforms and their mobile poker applications. Because users are always seeking the next big thing, you shouldn’t have to settle for a mediocre mobile poker app. There’s enough of them available that you can be somewhat selective it which one you choose to play. The traffic can vary greatly from site to site, and is also one of the biggest factors you should consider before making a decision.

Mobile poker sites will still have their fair share of issues, particularly when it comes to making sure that players have enough options to keep them happy. Some sites execute better than others in this regard, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference on whether or not you can suffice with what an app offers you.

If there’s a general guideline, it’s that the biggest the online site, the better its mobile app usually is. You shouldn’t be scared if a mobile poker app is streamlined heavily in comparison to its full-version complement, it’s supposed to be mobile and sleek enough to function on the latest cell phone software and the unique mobile browsers.

Mobile Poker apps are highly beneficial to the average user. There will obviously be those of us who still prefer to play online through the use of a desktop, but giving mobile poker a try can’t hurt. The finished products have improved greatly in the past few years, so even if you’ve tried mobile poker and didn’t enjoy it in the past, there’s something new and exciting about many of the poker apps that are now available!

Jump on a mobile poker site today before it passes you by!