Last updated: January 3, 2013

What is a mobile casino?

Well, a mobile casino certainly isn’t that handheld Mattel Blackjack game that you can purchase from Toys-R-Us for $9.99. Playing casino games on the run has evolved much further than that, and now players are given the opportunity to experience real-money casino play directly from their favorite handheld device. In the past, those who were looking for a more unique experience would search for the best online casinos, because online vendors had incredible bonuses, lower (and higher) betting limits, and you could play more games than ever from the comfort of your computer desk. Technology and the online casino entertainment industry decided to take that one step further with the implementation of mobile casinos – a new way to engage action from your cell phone, tablet or personal communication device.

Just because you’re playing on a smaller screen doesn’t mean the mobile casino experience is packages with limited features. In fact, sometimes it’s the exact opposite – you’ll find quirky twists and options that only mobile version are capable of displaying. Playing within online casinos was such novelty at one point, that it became difficult to revert back to live action, and this decision is once again presented with mobile casinos.

The development of modern technology is one of the biggest contributors to this novelty concept, and without products developed by Apple and Samsung this may have taken much longer to innovate. So many people are on their iPhones and cell phones regularly – it would’ve been a major misstep to ignore the popularity of mobile devices. Now you can enjoy every thing that these online casinos have to offer through your portable electronics, and you can enjoy thrilling casino action from almost anywhere at any time.

Why play on a mobile casino?

If you’ve ever played at a brick and mortar casino, or even an online casino, you’re likely aware of just how fun and exciting they can be. But because many of those who engage in the casino atmosphere has other full-time responsibilities, we’re not always able to play as much as we would like. But this is where mobile casinos come in. We all are aware that casinos are very enjoyable, so why not be able to play on a lunch break, while you’re grabbing coffee, or maybe on your morning commute? (Don’t text and drive – public transportation only!) Because we don’t always have hours to dedicate to playing table games and slots doesn’t mean we don’t want to, so mobile casinos were invented to allow everyone the opportunity to earn some money during their free hours.

Being able to play on a mobile casino site is just convenient – you can sit or lie anywhere you like, dressed in any attire, and get as comfortable as you wish while still feeling the excitement of every wager. There are truly very few people that would complain about this in comparison to live play – other than the exclusion of a social atmosphere — and even so many of these attributes trump those that your local casino tries to get you to buy into. Ultimately it’s about making money, and you can do that with mobile casinos!

Geography can also play an important role in choosing a mobile casino over online or live casinos. Not every area has a brick and mortar casino within close distance, and driving hours on end just to lose some monstrous bets would be both exhausting and mentally draining. Add in the fact that not every casino has the same rules, and many are much worse than you find with mobile casinos.

We also didn’t want to leave out that with mobile casino play, you can increase your bets per hour! Because many mobile devices are now even faster or just as fast as computers, you could see more hands, make more wagers, and win more money by playing on your cell phone! The introduction of 3G and 4G smart phones and other devices have truly taken the world by storm, and it keeps people connected with one another, and with mobile casinos faster and with more reliability than ever before.

Who currently has mobile casinos?

For the most part, you’ll online find mobile casino options with online casino companies that have been in business for some time. Because they’re established a good rapport with the online casino community, many of their players would feel 100% confident in playing their software in a mobile format. Nonetheless, there are many new sites out there that want to start with a bang by introducing a world-class and stunningly beautiful mobile option to compliment their online casino. Almost any site you visit nowadays will have a mobile version available, and if they don’t, it’s likely they’re working on releasing one in the near future.

Maybe to your surprise, even some real-life casinos – particularly those in Las Vegas – are making a substantial effort to improve their market share by introducing related apps and programs that you can use on your mobile devices. Since this is a very new idea for them, much of the software that’s available isn’t used for betting, but instead used for other entertainment features that these casinos offer that could make your trip and experience a little easier. Booking flights, hotel stays, and room service can be done with many of these applications, but you can be sure that they’re attempt to create mobile casino play as soon as they can.

Where can I find the best mobile casinos?

You’ve reached the right place! Right here on High Stakes Report we’ve given you a list of all the online casinos that we trust, respect and believe are some of the best out there. We cater to all types of casino players – recreational, professional and many others – and we too enjoy the occasional gamble ourselves. It’s because of our passion for this genre that we’re always going to try to give you the most updated and spot-on reviews we can for mobile casinos.

If you visit our casinos page, within our casino reviews we’ll tell you whether or not each venue has a mobile poker option. If it doesn’t, then you’ll have to look elsewhere. But nonetheless, many of the sites that do have mobile casino options are very good, and they’re always working to improve more elements.

Unfortunately, we can tell you everything that you want to know about each site, but you still will only have our word of mouth. If you’re truly looking for casino you can download to your mobile device, you’ll have to take the calculated risk and download the software! You can download the software by visiting our casinos page, breezing through the reviews and clicking one of our links to sign up today!

How can I download a mobile casino?

You can do this through us! We have plenty of sites you can choose from, so select one that looks appealing and start playing right away!

Good luck at the tables!