Reaching Your Potential


It’s unfortunate that for most of my educational career I’ve been an underachiever. I like to think I was always a bright individual, and just failed to apply many of the attributes needed to succeed in school. While I’m certainly … Continued

Monsters Under The Bed


What’s enlightening about the game of poker is that despite years of play and experience there’s always the potential to learn something new. These novelty items can come in the form of re-invented strategic ideas, new game types or more … Continued

Let’s Talk About Downswings


I’ve decided to cover this topic, because although it’s something that’s a major component of the game, rarely gets covered in detail. Whether or not that’s because it’s a sensitive subject, or because it’s far too player-specific for anyone to … Continued

3 and 4-Betting


One of the topics in poker that can be opponent specific, is 3 and 4-betting. Once being a very uncommon practice in the world of poker, players who were keen on the tendencies of their adversaries were able to manipulate … Continued

Dissecting A Range


Disclaimer: This strategy article is very lengthy and in-depth. If you don’t have the time (or patience) to read through this information, this probably isn’t for you. Also, you’ll need to thoroughly comprehend most of the general poker concepts prevalent … Continued

Balancing Your Range


Oddly enough, what inspired me to write a strategy article on range balancing was an intricate question asked by, who else, my mother. While she’s certainly not a poker professional, she does possess a general knowledge of the game of … Continued